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"Courtroom Demeanor and Mock

Trials Training"

Justice of the Peace Court hosted the Tarrant County Police Officers Academy for courtroom demeanor class and mock trials training. Cadets completed offense reports and was able to testify and see how a real trial would be conducted defending their report with a real prosecutor and Defense Attorney. I believe training like this is invaluable for our future officers protecting our citizens in this great county. I was honored to be able to be apart of this! 

Tarrant County Police Officers Academy Cadets

 "A Day in the Courtroom"

Honored to have the Lake Worth Law Enforcement class to participate in “A Day in the Courtroom”. The students were taught the many functions the court has as well as observing live hearings and trials. I believe it’s truly important to teach our youth the functions their elected officials preform for them each day. It was truly an honor to have them and teach them about the JP 4 court.

 Lake Worth Law Enforcement class
Lake Worth Law Enforcement class

Northwest Tarrant County:

  • Northwest Fort Worth

  • Azle

  • Blue Mound

  • Haslet

  • Lakeside

  • Lake Worth

  • River Oaks

  • Saginaw

  • Westworth Village

  • Westover Hills

  • White Settlement

Justice of the Peace Lega Topics

February Monthly Stats - JP Court 4

JP #4 paperless initiative began mid September and every case is now being handled paperless.

JP #4 has completed the transitioning to N-Court payment for an easier customer pay experience.


The implementation of E-File Self Help and computer paperless process is in the planning phase and will be implemented in the first half of the year.

484 Civil Cases were filed
530 Civil cases were disposed
1647 Active civil cases remain on the docket with no backlog.

171 Criminal cases were filed
165 Criminal cases disposed
2147 Active Criminal cases remain on the docket. With no criminal case backlog.

29 Arrest warrants were signed
3 Driver’s License Hearings
3 Mental Health Hearings
0 Property Hearing
0 Handgun License Hearings

Thank you for allowing me and my staff to serve you!! Please let us know if there is anything you would like to see or that would help make your interaction with your court easier.

Judge Christopher Lee Gregory and staff

"Certificate of Appreciation"

Constable Jody Johnson presented JDog Junk Removal and Hauling with Certificate of Appreciation for their community service. JDog assisted the Constables Office with an order that was issued from my court. JDog thank you for your great community service.

  • Rooted Christian Values

  • Strong Family Values

  • Conservative Republican

  • Lifetime Resident

  • Retired after 15 Years of Public Service in Law Enforcement


To my constituents please read if you have any up coming business with the court. We are still accepting new filings at this time. Thank you for your understanding during this unprecedented time in our country.

Temporary Standing Order - Precinct 4