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Hello everyone since I have recently completed my second month in office as your Judge, I wanted to give everyone an update and let you know about the progress we have made in the JP Court #4 so far.

1. With the cooperation and assistance from the Tarrant County Auditor’s Office we have implemented a one banking institute for greater accountability on funds collected and dispersed by your JP Court #4.
2. Hours of operation have been extended to 8am to 5pm and phone service is from 8am to 4:30 pm for greater customer service.
3. We have also purchased and implemented a forms rack in the lobby for increased access and ease of needed forms to file a case.
4. We also reorganized the docket and increased case count for better adjudication of cases. Your Justice Court will be constantly reviewing the docket to maximize and streamline the number of cases that are adjudicated. 
5. Your Justice Court has also implemented an Electronic Communication Form as to be able to send out judgments and case document information via Email. This process will decrease the cost we spend on paper, ink, stamps, and time used by clerks in mailing court documents to litigants. 
6. Your Justice Court along with the Tarrant County IT team is in the process of reorganizing the Justice Court website for greater easy of information and the ability to obtain forms for litigants and attorneys for filing cases. 
7. During a departmental case review we located approximately 2700 active Civil Cases in the case management system. After a collective effort the active civil cases for JP #4 has been reduced to approximately 1600 cases.

Future projects in the next few months:

1. Justice Court #4 will be implementing E-filing and online archiving in the process of the paperless initiative for the court. 
2. Justice Court #4 will be restructuring the office and clerks to increase productivity and re-distribute the work load for better case management. 
3. We have identified 5600 active criminal cases that we will be addressing immediately.

I also wanted to say that I am very honored to be your Judge and I strive everyday to keep learning and to make this court the best it can be for the residents of Precinct 4. My family and I wish a very Merry Christmas to you and your family!!


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