My name is Christopher “Chris” Gregory, and I am deeply honored to be your Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4 of Tarrant County.  I took the official oath of office on October 16, 2018.

“I will be a judge that follows the law. The decisions of this court will be based solely on the Rules of Evidence and Procedures established by the great State of Texas. It is also my belief that justice will exist if the person sitting in this seat is not motivated by their own agenda and follows the laws and procedures that have been established by the state. It is my duty and promise to the citizens of Precinct 4, that the people’s court will always stand firm on ethics, integrity, transparency, honesty, and be committed to serving the people and the office you have elected me to serve.”

I am a lifetime resident of this wonderful community and of Precinct 4. I graduated from Castleberry High School in 1993.  In 2014, I received God’s calling to serve. Upon answering His calling, I was accepted into the basic police academy at TCC and earned my basic peace officer’s license. Wanting to serve in the community that I love, I applied with and was hired as a patrol officer with the Lake Worth Police Department.

​While working at the Lake Worth Police Department I received several commendations. In 2007, I was promoted to the rank of patrol sergeant, supervising the night patrol shift.  I was fortunate to work with some of the best professional officers any sergeant could ask for. Later in 2009, after being selected as the top candidate, I was promoted to the rank of detective, where I specialized in fraud. After nine years as a detective, I was promoted to the rank of detective sergeant. In early 2017, after answering God’s calling and with my family’s support. I embarked on my campaign to be the next Justice of the Peace in Precinct 4 as I felt strongly that a positive change was needed and it was past time to bring the court back to being the Peoples Court and to serve the citizens it was put into place to serve. On September 27, 2018, I made my Last Call and officially retired from the Lake Worth Police Department. I am honored to have served this community and its citizens as a public servant for over 17 years, as both a police officer and now as a justice of the peace. 

I am blessed to be married to the love of my life and best friend Ashley and am the proud father of three. God has blessed me in so many ways, as well as, giving me life lessons throughout my life. He, along with my parents and my family are the foundation in my life that has kept me grounded, humbled, and supported my calling to serve.

Thank you for trusting me with your support and vote.   

Christopher Gregory


Justice of the Peace, Christopher Gregory


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