Chris Gregory for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4


“I will be a judge that follows the law. The decisions of this court will be based solely on the Rules of Evidence and Procedures established by the great State of Texas. It is also my belief that justice will exist if the person sitting in this seat is not motivated by their own agenda and follows the laws and procedures that have been established by the state. It is my duty and promise to the citizens of Precinct 4, that the people’s court will always stand firm on ethics, integrity, transparency, honesty, and be committed to serving the people and the office you have elected me to serve.” 
~Christopher Gregory
Support For Law Enforcement 


Law Enforcement will have my support and daily access.

Citizens Case Filings

My docket will be current and I will provide a fair and efficient forum to help citizens to rectify disputes and to provide fairness and justice for all. 

Traffic Citations
Proper and timely handling of issued citations.
Community Service  - Stay Active In Our Communities
It is my promise to remain active in my community service and in our communities to bring needed awareness and unity among the court and the citizens it serves. 

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